"I mean hell, we can’t even define feminism as the movement for “equal” rights for women, since they have a consistent record and practice, if not in rhetoric, of protecting the rights women enjoy that men don’t, and interfering with efforts toward equalizing the treatment of men and women under the law.
So, what does that leave us with, if not the ideology? It leaves us with the absurd necessity of considering feminism a label attributable to Phyllis Schlafly, since she advocates for women’s rights, and anti-feminism a label attributable to the membership of N.O.W. who, at least outwardly, claim they advocate the removal of rights women currently have. It leaves us with the bizarre necessity of saying Paul Elam is a “better feminist” than the feminists who wrote the Violence Against Women Act, because he advocates equal treatment of men and women under the law. And it leaves us with the strange conundrum that MRAs are the only “true” feminists as they advocate for full equality of rights between men and women, while feminists themselves focus most of their real world activism on protecting the rights women have that men don’t, and in maintaining a system that treats men and women unequally socially, politically, and legally.
Feminism is not a practice. It is not a cause. It’s not an idea, it’s not a group of individuals who share an idea in common, it’s not a handful of ideas or concerns or causes—it’s an ideology, a system of beliefs, a set of theories that includes a model of what society looks like, how it operates, why it operates the way it does, and how men and women coexist within that model. This set of theories is feminism."

GirlWritesWhat, successfully proving that MRAs are better feminists than feminists.

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