So I take it you aren't going to cover the "trolling" of the "I need masculinity" tag on there? In fairness to the feminists it is the same thing MRA's did a while back, although noone I saw said feminists shouldn't exist. — fire-flash

There are enough people already dealing with it, and we (by which I mean ‘I’, as none of my other admins are actually functioning at the moment) simply don’t have the time to spend.  I’m not sure how fair it is to equate what MRAs were doing to what the feminists are.  Right now all that’s coming from the feminist camp is straight mockery, derailing and strawman tactics that have already been dealt with time and time again.  It’s not well-intentioned critique or objection, it’s somewhere between a smear campaign and outright bullying/silencing tactics.  (Ironically, many of the things they’re saying, with very minor tweaks, would apply to feminism far more accurately than the current MRM.)

In the past, I’ve seen MRAs directly targeting flaws in feminist theory rather than simply mocking for the hell of it, but I won’t comment on any specific instances.  (There’s certainly been mockery and a certain amount of strawmanning too, but there’s a difference in the proportions.)  Both MRA and feminism have ideological issues (compared to, say, egalitarianism), but it’s a matter of degree: large portions of feminist theory deflate when they’re so unfortunate as to come into contact with ‘facts’, whereas for an unfunded, small, rather scattered movement the MRAs have a surprising habit of fact-checking themselves and others.

I think it’s very important to distinguish between saying “you shouldn’t address your issues” and saying “equality: you’re doing it wrong”.  The latter isn’t just acceptable, it’s outright needed….but the “trolling” I’m seeing is purely based in the former.

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