US Election Today!

Ideal results:

  1. Obama wins, but shortly after is impeached after international bodies condemn his use of drone strikes as being in contravention of international law — a war crime.
  2. Romney wins, but shortly after is impeached after examination reveals widespread voter fraud, voter suppression and that he has terrible hair.

This should tell you something about the quality of the two choices.

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    That’s quite all right I mean I supported the lib dems all the way upuntil the second quater of the coaltion then I just...
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    I feel kinda shitty, but I did some last minute research on several other candidates….and I kinda liked where Gary...
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    However, if you do research, there is plenty of voter suppression from Democrats as well. The military overseas, they...
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    ct is a dem state so i felt safe voting for jill. i wish she had a snowballs chance in hell. the greens are such a...
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    I wish people would vote for who they want to win (after investigating the candidates and what they stand for), not for...
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    Oh, if only. George Bush can’t travel to most countries for fear of arrest because he committed the same actions that...
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