Can you give us some examples of fourth-wave feminism in action around the world or in the public eye? Perhaps also some fourth-wave feminists you identify with? — reactionaryhater

The problem with fourth-wave feminism is that they are an incredibly small minority within the feminist movement, and therefore unfortunately have comparatively little impact on the movement as a whole.

However, an example of fourth-wave feminism in action would be posters such as this.  Basically, fourth-wave feminism is more or less synonymous with egalitarianism, with the biggest difference being that most fourth-wave feminists still believe that feminism is salvageable, while most egalitarians do not.  Because of this, you can expect actions from them to give equal representation to all victims involved whether it be rape, domestic violence, etc. and also for them to give reliable and unbiased data.

Some fourth-wave feminists we can identify with are Just-Smith, feminismfreedomfighters, and one of our own admins, Leigh.

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